User Manual



WYMSY Website Management System includes a complete e-commerce catalog management and shopping cart system called TradeWinds. While most e-commerce sites need only one, TradeWinds supports the concept of multiple stores within a single site. As an example, if you sell to both retail and wholesale customers, you could set up a separate wholesale store in a password-protected section of the site, allowing you to maintain separate prices, shipping and taxes.

In addition, there are two types of stores supported in TradeWinds. The first is a Standard Shopping Cart store with many products on catalog pages, a shopping cart, and a series of checkout pages. Most e-commerce sites are of this type. However, some sites may not need the overhead and complexity of a shopping cart system. For example, a site might have only one product to sell, or a non-profit organization might want to collect donations. For these situations, a Single-Item Instant Payment store is sufficient.

TradeWinds Set Up: Getting Started

To use TradeWinds, the feature must first be "turned on" in your WYMSY account by your sales rep or web designer. Once enabled, you may then use the Store Setup tab in SiteMaster.

TradeWinds stores must be built following a logical sequence. Use the left menu under TradeWinds in the order listed for instructions on how to create your e-commerce site.