User Manual



The SiteMaster window is opened by clicking the SiteMaster button at the bottom of the web page when in edit mode. The SiteMaster features a tabbed interface to provide quick access to all the Publishing functions:
  • Design - Set up the look and feel of your site, including fonts, color schemes, default menu arrangement, etc.
  • Menus - Define all the pages in your web site in a one-, two- or three-level structure. Move pages within or between menus.
  • MetaTags - Enter Title, Keywords, and Description Metatags for all pages in your site.
  • Publish - Generate HTML files and save them to the web server. Publish new draft pages or retain the current published version. Save a backup of all your site data on your computer, or restore from a saved backup back to your website.
  • Files - View the directories of all the files in your web site, including HTML files, images, and other documents such as .pdf or .xls files. Upload files to the server, rename or delete files, and automatically identify files that are no longer being used in the site.
  • Security - Manage the passwords and access rights of everyone who will be providing content for the site. Set user names and passwords for a password-protected section of your site.
  • TradeWinds - Set up TradeWinds, the optional E-Commerce module, including product options, tax and shipping tables, credit card processing parameters, etc.
  • Site Stats - Get up-to date statistics on visitors to your site.