User Manual


Entering and Editing Page Content

Editing the Body content of the web page is done in two steps:

  • A copy of the page is opened in edit mode and changes are made.
  • When all entries and edits are done, the page is published to the web server.

To edit a page, first navigate in the web site to the page to be edited. If not already logged in, click on the copyright symbol at the bottom of the page and enter your username and password. The page will be redisplayed in edit mode - the editable area is outlined with a border and several control buttons appear near the bottom of the page:

  • - Appears if the user has page editing rights for the current page. When clicked, a new window is opened with a copy of the current contents of the body area shown in an interactive WYSIWYG text editor. Below the editor are more control buttons:
    • - Saves the contents of the edit box, publishes the page to the web site, closes the edit window, and redisplays the page.
    • - Saves the contents of the edit box, closes the edit window and redisplays the page being edited. The published page on the web site is not changed.
    • - Discards all changes made since the last time the page was published to the web site, closes the edit window and redisplays the page.
    • Meta Tags - Allows you to set custom Meta tags for this page, overriding those set as defaults for the entire site in the Publisher.
    • Javascripts - Allows you to load Javascripts on a page.
    • Page Style - Lets you specify additional style rules for this page only.
    • - Closes the edit window without saving.
    • - Opens another window and displays a list of all the web pages in the site along with their file names and page numbers. This list is useful when adding internal links between pages.
    • - Opens another window and displays a list of all image files for the site currently on the web server. If you have image upload rights, you can upload additional image files from here.
    • - Opens another window and displays a list of all documents in the Documents directory on the web server.
    • - Opens this document in a new window.
  • - Appears only if the user has administrative priveleges. When clicked, opens the SiteMaster in a new window.
  • - Exits edit mode and redisplays the published page
  • - Redisplays the page in Preview mode, i.e. displays the draft content exactly as it will appear when published, without the edit border, buttons, or any hidden menu items. An button remains below the page to return to edit mode.
  • - Opens this document in a new window

To publish a single page, click the button. You will get a confirmation page that also lists any other pages that have unpublished drafts. The page you started on is already selected. You may select any or all of the additional pages to be published now. Pages not on the list are not published. When the page has been published the Editor window will close and the web page will be reloaded.

You may choose to create a Draft Copy of any page in order to work on changes without exposing them to public view. Click to save work in progress. The draft is saved, the edit window is closed and the draft of the page is redisplayed. Continue to edit, save and view the page until you are satisfied with the result. You can prepare drafts of as many pages as you want, and you may publish them at any time either singly or in groups as described above. If you change your mind or make a mistake and want to start over, click to throw away the draft and go back to the published version.