User Manual


Content Editors

Welcome to WYMSY Website Management System!

To edit your page(s), your web master will provide your:

  • log in name
  • password
  • which page(s) you may edit
  • whether or not you may add images to your page

Steps to edit

1. Open your web site on your browser. (On PCs, you need to use Internet Explorer 5.5 or above, or Netscape 7.1 or above, or any browser based on Mozilla 1.3.1 or above such as Mozilla Firefox 0.8. Mac and Linux users need either Mozilla 1.3.1 or above, Mozilla FireFox 0.8 or above, or Netscape 7.1 or above.)

2. Go to the page you are authorized to edit.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and place the curser over the "©" copyright symbol in "© 200X xxxxx All rights reserved" and click.

4. The page will now look the same, with the addition of two or three red buttons on the very bottom: SiteMaster (if you have administrator rights), EasyEdit, Log Out.

5. Click on EasyEdit and a new page with WYMSY Website Management System will open and the content of your page will appear in the edit box.

6. To make changes to your page, type or paste text into the box as you would using word processing. You may also add links to other pages within the site and to other sites and tables using the icons above the box. If you have security rights to do so, you may add images and pictures. For more information, see Editing.

7. Save your work! You can save it either as a draft using the Save Draft Copy button before publishing on the active web site, or publish directly using the Save and Publish buttons below the edit window.

Fonts, Colors and Style

Your web master has already determined a look and feel to the site, including font style and color scheme. Whatever you type or copy into the edit window will default to the style set by the web master. You may not change logos, add pages or alter the background colors unless you have administrative rights. However, you may change the font style, font color, font size, and use bold, italics and underlining on selected text with the icons at the top of the page.